Madden 22 is a blockbuster online sports game in which it is necessary to spend coins to bring players to their team and to build a team. By doing this, you can play a competitive game by making your team strong.

You get packages of great players in it, but if you want, you can also play in the game as a solo player. Many times in the game, you can also get the main position of the team, but for that you will have to spend money from your pocket. After that, you can buy packs, items, or players and play your game better.

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There are also some players who do not have any problem with investing real money in Madden 22, because they just have to make their gaming experience better and better. But most game players are more interested in obtaining free Madden 22 coins, so they keep looking for ways to get free coins in many different ways.

Here are the best and easiest ways to get coins in Madden 22.

Complete Your Solo Challenges

There are many challenges in Madden 22 that, after completing, give free coins as rewards. Some of their milestones are set, which you get to cross, and you get that reward, but it is very small and limited. Because of that, you get only those packs, items, or players from free coins that do not have much popularity or demand. There are auctions for the best players and the best items that can only be won by spending real money.

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The Legends challenges are one of the challenges with an absolutely valuable reward. If you complete any challenge in this, you will get a power up player, which you can also sell for a profit if you want. With this, you will also get coins. Some players in the games are like that, on whose strength you can complete any legend challenge and achieve more stars.

The rewards for each challenge are fixed. You are given 1000 coins for every challenge, which means 8000 coins for 8 challenges. These challenges are not as easy as you think, because as the game progresses, the toughness of the challenges starts to increase. But the best part of these challenges is that anyone can play them, cross a few milestones and earn coins. Legends are also provide you with a steady stream of players and coins on weekly basis.

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Gridiron Forge Challenges are rewards-based challenges that are a little easier to complete than other challenges because you can win easily in two levels of difficulty. But later on, the levels that start at level 3, you have to make your team strong, and you have to take skillful players. Only then can you cross these levels, but most of all, you have to keep your strong players for a long time. It is important to keep it safe because as the level increases, you will start to feel the need for skilled players.

Finally, the campaign offers the simplest challenge and can survive the entire preseason in two days (depending on how hard you are working).

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The first few challenges are incredibly easy—most of them are set to rookie difficulty on teams that rank lower than you. The goal itself is pretty simple. Hurry 5 yards, pass 15 yards, record touchdowns, and more.

After completing the entire Legends set, the first two Gridiron Forge sets, and the preseason of the Campaign Challenge, you can easily get over 50,000 coins. That’s more than enough to win a few big names at auction. Working the Auctions


One of the best ways to earn coins with MUT is to spend time playing auction games.

Think of it like a stock market. Buy low and sell high. Leverage people who don’t research or make mistakes by selling solid players at low prices. Use filters to find offers to buy player cards and sell them for a profit. You can easily earn 500,000,000 coins per trade.

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Take a look at this Cameron Breit auction. It goes for 2900 coins, but others are offering it for 4900 and 6500 coins (whoever puts it for 9600 coins is unlikely to see any offers). To make a profit, you can buy for as little as 2900 and sell for 4,000 or more coins.

If you do this five times a day, you can earn about 100,000 coins per month.

However, all sales that close at auction are “taxed” at a rate of 10%. So, include that in your calculations and make sure you’re still making your after-tax profit.


Don’t Buy Packs

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There may come a day when Madden decides to improve his game with packs, but at the moment, there are very few players who can afford to spend money on packs. Only open packs if you absolutely need multiple players to complete them. Buying a package from a financial point of view is an irrational decision and should not be done if you want to manage your coins economically.

But there is always one package worth opening up. That’s the Get Player package. Madden experts already know this, but for beginners, this information will be a game changer.

Buying player packs is one of the cheapest measures. First of all, 500 coins can be a cheap pack as you will need to open the pack every day to reach your daily goal. Second, this set includes players who are not effective but can always be used for something.

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You can trade them for a solid player you really need or complete some packs.

Needless to say, you will often encounter players at auctions that cost 3–4 Get a Player packs. In the example above, we got a core rookie player with 74 OVR. These players can be auctioned off or sold for 14 training sessions.


Sign Me Up for MUT 22 Coins Rewards

The final way to earn coins in Madden 22 Ultimate Team doesn’t require much effort, but it will pay off in great rewards over time.

When you sign up for MUT 22 coins rewards, EA will automatically track the number of packs you open in your game and classify them into one of three categories: Pro, AllPro, or Legendary based on that number. Each month, when a new promotion starts, you will receive a series of rewards.

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These rewards usually do not include coins, but always include something that can be redeemed for coins. And because you only need to sign up once, it is very cost-effective.

This is another reason why you need to open these Get-a-Player packs. These packs count towards the total number of open packs and help you reach a higher MUT 22 coins reward level.



The best way to earn coins on the Madden 22 Ultimate Team is to just work and make wise decisions.

Participate in Promotions Actively: Selling players from packs for free or at low and high prices will always close the deal.

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Finally, don’t neglect your challenge. The first one is easy, and you will get lots of coins early on.


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