We see that holistic development essentially means the development of intellectual, as well as mental, physical, emotional, as well as social abilities in a child so that he or she is capable of facing the demands and challenges of everyday life at the same time. We see that these abilities are vitally important for success in professional fields of work as well. We have seen that every child is unique as well. They have has unique personality traits, interests, preferences, as well as values, attitudes, and strengths, along with their weaknesses.

We see that the educational curriculum must be able to help every child find his or her unique place in the world in alignment with the uniqueness that they have. We see that to achieve this, the holistic development of a child is of utmost importance as well. They can make use of the lms portals for better connectivity as well. We know that it is shown that through playful learning experiences, as well as students can acquire broad, dynamic, as well as interconnected skills rapidly as well as effectively.

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We know that the aim of teachers, as well as counselors in holistic growth, is to chart out every child’s capabilities and compare their abilities to the norms of a child their age as well. We know that a comparative analysis and its results along with relevant readings are used to explain how the traits of the child as well as aspects of his/her environment may interact to influence his/her growth along with the development. We have seen that the holistic development of students seeks to address many factors such as the physical,  as well as emotional, spiritual, relational, and intellectual aspects.

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We have seen that the importance of the holistic approach lies in the fact that it is the children who learn different skills in a stage-wise manner, including walking, as well as running, talking, and fine motor skills, at the same time. We know that nowadays, most companies or organizations not only consider a student’s overall academic performance but also consider the holistic development of students when they recruit for various jobs as we have seen in many cases. We have known that this makes the holistic development of students in schools as well as colleges very important. We know that gone are the days when parents used to spend their entire day with their children as well.

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We see that with the way technology is advancing as well as education methods changing, the parents are now interested in making their children more engaged as well as involved in almost all facets of learning. We know that holistic development meaning has attained a lot of importance in parenting. Right from the very beginning, a child is seen to have access to a variety of sports and activities that enable him/her to learn new things. We have seen that this has resulted in a complete change in the way students are taught in schools as well. We know that with the advent of new-age technologies as well as teaching methods, the overall holistic development of a child in pre-schools has become a necessity as well.

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We know that for the same reasons, the holistic development of students at primary as well as secondary schools has also become crucial at the same time. We see that is a well-known fact that young minds are quicker at absorbing information as well as noticing as well as adopting certain activities and behaviors. We know that with proper guidance, these fresh minds can master much more. We are aware that cognitive development involves thinking, problem-solving, as well as an understanding of concepts as well as, which is one of the vital elements of holistic development. We see that it is a very important factor in the holistic development of a child as well. We know that bringing up the social as well as emotional sides of the brain requires students to go through experiences as well. ERP for school has helped them to attain the education that has been done holistically which is good for personal development and growth.

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