Mathematics is one of the most important academic subjects that students study from elementary classes to senior secondary learning. With some students very fond of maths, we often hear from students of all ages finding maths complicated and affecting understanding. It is a subject full of application, figures, facts, word problems, and word problems. And these applicative portions are the main reasons for maths being complex for students.


But with the help of technology, education and academic understanding difficulties have been reduced to a great extent. The rise in educational technology has made learning easier, and better for students. When students find textbook information less sufficient to understand, the technical audio-visual aids become a savior. Let us discuss the benefits of using technology for maths learning.

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Benefits of using technology for maths study of students


  1. A better understanding of maths concepts


Sometimes understanding maths concepts only from textbooks and guides become difficult for the students. Relating to the maths application from printed pages is not an easy task. This affects maths scores and the academic performance of the students too. But when students use audio and visualization tools they tend to understand the maths concepts better and quicker. By seeing the educational videos, modules, and other audiovisual tools, students’ maths topics become easier to understand. This helps students to perform better in maths classes and enhance their academic performance too.

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  1. Increased engagement in maths classes


All students want to become more effective at learning, engaging, and participating in classes. All this depends on how well students understand. If students have difficulty in understanding in maths classes, their relatability to the concepts is reduced. This affects their participation too. But when students use tech and visual tools during self-studies, they go to the classes with proper understanding and preparation. This enhances their participation and engagement in maths classes.


  1. Personalized maths learning


In maths classes, personalized maths learning is not possible. Sometimes teachers teach at a  pace that is fine for a few students or maybe fast for others. This makes students not understand all the concepts properly. Also, the solving speed and writing speed of maths questions of the teachers are different as compared to the students. This affects classroom learning as well as the self-studies of the students.

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But with the help of technology, this problem is solved. By having a networking device and internet connection, students can access a mobile teacher app and other online teaching sites to use audiovisual tools.  With the help of tools like educational videos, modules, visual maths notes, etc students can understand maths at their own pace.  Options like downloading, pausing, and re-watching the video lessons help students to have a self-paced, personalized maths learning experience without any confusion and difficulty.


  1. More learning resources 


Sometimes understanding only from textbooks is not sufficient for students. But the internet several, learning resources are available which have made maths learning much better for students. By accessing the technical resources, students can have more content to practice, solve and seek more understanding. Along with educational videos, modules, students can also access sample papers, previous year question papers, practice exercises, tricky maths puzzles with answers, quizzes, etc to enhance maths solving skills.

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  1. Increased scores 


Along with maths teaching and learning, exams are also conducted to check how well students are understanding the topics being taught to them. With the help of using technical aids, students understand and relate well to the maths lessons in their syllabus. With proper maths understanding and practice, students’ exam scores and ranks are also enhanced.


Technical tools for better maths learning



Some of the technical tools that you can access via the internet on online teaching, sites, educational apps, and on YouTube are


  • Educational videos


  • Modules


  • Quizzes, riddles, multiple-choice questions worksheets
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  • Ebooks, visual notes, and study material


  • Online sample papers and mock test


All these audio and visual tools can be used by students of all ages for better and effective elementary, secondary, senior secondary, and higher maths learning respectively.




Mathematics is often considered a complicated academic subject by students. But this difficulty in maths learning can be reduced by using technical resources. Using technology for maths learning offers several benefits to students such as personalized learning, more resources to study, better understanding, enhanced scores, and more. All these technical benefits help students to understand, better, and enhance their mathematics skills.

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